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Personalised Calendars

Personalised Calendars

A photo calendar is the perfect way to enjoy 365 days of your favourite photos. Create your own!

Personalised Calendars

A photo calendar is the perfect way to enjoy 365 days of your favourite photos. Create your own!

Personalised Calendars

Wall and desk calendars

Calendar grids

Customisation features

Calendar features

High Definition Glossy
High Definition Glossy

Our high definition glossy calendars are printed on the highest quality paper, bound with a sturdy spiral binding and sealed with UV-coating for additional protection.

Perfect for a small space
Perfect for a small space

Desk calendars make a nice addition to any desk. Relive your favourite moments each month.

Calendar posters

Some of our favourite designs
Whatever you're into, we have the perfect design to match your style.
Customise to your heart's content
Hit the ground running with one of our many themes, then customise as much as you want with our font and embellishment library. Don't forget! Dates can also be customised with photos and captions to mark important events.
Photo Calendar Creation
Photo Calendar - Create your own calendar with ease

Be inspired by our wide variety of designs and themes for your personalised photo calendar. Our range of designs vary from simple yet stylish to bright and colourful. A personalised calendar allows you to share your favourite memories and best moments with your family and friends. A photo calendar is guaranteed to be a winning present with Grandparents!

Creating a calendar is easy, start by choosing the type of calendar you’d like to order, then upload your photos from your desktop, mobile phone, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. Add your photos to the calendar, or use the autofill feature. It’s as simple as that! If you want to make sure your calendar is truly unique, add embellishments and text.

Your personalised 2021 calendar

Snapfish allows you to create a unique photo calendar, that showcases all your precious memories. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Start the calendar with whichever month you like
  • Pick a theme to suit your taste, whether that be something simple or bright and colourful, we offer a wide range of designs
  • Or if you’d prefer, you can choose a different design for each month
  • Edit your images whilst you’re in the builder
  • Add text to your calendar
  • Personalise your calendar with embellishments
Print personalised photo calendar

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